The Price of War Should Not Exceed The Woe Of Aftermath Or Summit

130321 JUST DEFIANCE The Price of War Should Not Exceed The Woe Of Aftermath Or Summit Edition

I might just be writing this to stop thinking about the 2 hours I sat on top of a very enticing cliff today?

But...., Thinking earlier, for a few misreasons, Gillard called the spill, seeing now, even though I did read it then, that it was Creanie who dunnit, I tend to think that Julia Gillard sacking Simon cannot be too serious to her, other than the obligatory “naughty boy” slap. With a “now go and sit in the corner for about.....”

Because, though it's too early to assess or judge, I still think the spill today was necessary, and may.., may..., clear the air for the ALP-Greens-Indies to September.

It was a bit presumptuous and strange that Creanie called the spill without knowing Ruddie's position on any challenge?

But all of them were aware that something had to happen. The “game-changer” perhaps?

Political photographers are bastards, aye Simon? The SMH's shot of Simon Crean looking like the naughty dog on the backbench, is filthy! But they are expert in snapping the or, “a” feel.

Real, accurate or affected?

Being of the dynastic breed that Simon comes from, and with, he's grown into a hard place.

Dynastic politicians have things like reputation, like, expectation, like the shadow of Dad leaning, or looming over their every word, to consider.

And it becomes their affair to be a powerbroker, which has all sorts of “trips” and tripwires inherent.

Managing the crew in tough times, terms, moments is dicey, and too often too much weight is on their shoulders, when it should not always be.

Traditional views can debilitate a clear headed, of-the-times choice, but have to be kept in mind not just for the pride of the family name etc., but because some stuff of tradition, in such as political families, transcends relatively momentary trends, and has roots in solid long and hard thought out approaches to “the game”. As well as to “the party”.

But as things do always change, for good and ill, it's a constant back-of-mind process to know when traditions have passed their use-by, and when they should be thrown back up to the fore of a debate.

And, again, the “name” type thing is ever there, twiddling the knobs of thinking and currency of processes, etc.

But..., at the end of the day...., notwithstanding the right wing media scum-er-scrum turning today's highlight in an otherwise dullish campaign (“LOOK! Something to write about!” hollered down the stables' office partitions), into their version of CHAOS IN THE RANKS! Etc., and, with the four and how many more Rudd supporters getting it or chucking it in – the neck, it may have been the ruckus they had to have, just to put that rumor to it's proper, long sleep?

But, while the media turned Gillard's move prior to the 2010 election into an internal war, everyone really must remember, and ask SBS1 TV to reshow their excellent “Dirty Business” doco, that it was not Julia who shat on Kev!

She did not sneak up on him with arms-full of knives.

It was their/her only - what do I know – option, purely because Abbott (not to give him any credit, [definitely NOT the correct word]), Murdoch's, Rhineharts, Palmers and BHP-China's in-house say-what-the-masters-want mouthpiece, aided and abetted by the filth of Murdoch's disgusting media – probably never brought to justice for their illegal interference in politics (HA!), were aiming for Rudd's heart and soul, simply to kill the Right and “Most Honest” Reforms Rudd had for the 1st ALP time for 100 years, gone the distance to champion.

(Classic “go-for-the-man” tactics of the evil dividers of the People!)

A la, the Henry Tax Review Recommendations!

Murdoch was running the public's mind-collective, so someone, obviously the nearest to the PM, the Deputy PM, had the absolutely unenvious task of screwing Rudd out of the chair, simply to appease the evil cunts in Murdoch's egomaniacal news-rooms.

If Gillard was egomaniacal (NOT!) for the PM's position, she fast dropped the thrill, for she was heard pre-a press conference, off-mike-on-mike, to say “Anyone wannabe prime minister?

So Australian punters have to get off the Murdoch grass and start smokin' the REALWeed, the stuff that doesn't destroy and pervert their memories!

If Australian voters, come September 14, have anything between their ears, it should also be possessed of that thing called “a memory”, and they should use it to recall the events, and the SBS1 doco, and what has been revealed since?

The Australian voters gushed not so much for the blonde haired blue-eyed wunderkind in '07, but for his Intellectual clarity and determination to push the Best Scientifically-proven Policies through.

It's a dark side of Labor to make us forget also, that the Great Mark Latham was also holding 60%-plus popularity, in his few months leading the ALP, and I don't fucking CARE what the cynics and blackballers say NOW, he too was loved for his Intellectual Strength and AND his clarity on economic ISSHHOOOZZZ!

So when Rudd took on the election in '07, we were all gushing just to hear his Intellectual eloquence, and the same from the rest of the team, on ECONOMIC ISHOOOZZZ, which were blowing the Howard camp out of the water.

Gillard was as much a part of that, as Crean was, and the rest, some now stepping away.

More Aussies than ever were giddy over the new ALP '07 government make-up. Not just young blue-eyes.

Yes the faded Howardian terms had worn us all thin, as all longish term governments are destined to do, probably for the whole game being essentially ridden by and with BOOOOOLLLLSHSHSHSH-IT!

That the censors, of Murdochs Democracy murderers, and of the ALP in-house campaign editors, told the ALP to not fight back, to not stand their ground and argue their cases, to not let the people know what was really going on in the lead-up to 2010, is but one more travesty of Astrayliar's electoral processes, dating back to – O! About January 25th, EIGHTEEN-O-EIGHT!

But, to be honest, I don't remember who was fighting back with whatever they were able to say, or not? But there has always been a trend there of being told to say nothing, when the public were left in the grip of the offshore media, etc, etc. and when saying, talking the truth, was crucial. Much of Latham's campaign was strewn with that taint.

As – the - TRUTH - always – IS – CRUCIAL!

So, damn wouldn't government be sweeter if bullshit artists like Murdoch churchies weren't loose with de TROOT.

Be a damn sight better if there was no god either!

I'd reckon the Rudd mob shouldn't be too hasty.

Hold on. Relax, have a beer, kick back 'til Monday, shake hands and get back to it.

But I still go for the Top Council!

And there's too many Good minds in government – and on the crossbench, to let this ripple make negative changes lose the bond.

O! I wanna beer! An' a SMOKE!

A fucking house'd be good too!

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw.