Is British Intelligence Supportive of Private Bradley Manning?

130302 JUST DEFIANCE Manning is the purest form of whistleblower – ex-MI5 British agent

There can be no doubt, that throughout the world's intelligence agencies and bureaus, many agents and officials regard Bradley Manning as innocent!

It might be starting?

The Counter-Intelligence against the putsch by the psychos of extreme right wing politics and corporate insanity to kill off Justice and Reasoned economic/political behavior?

The more the “west” asserts it's crazymind agenda, the more people look to “the east”.

This interview by RT, the Voice of Russia, with an ex-British spy agent, saying plainly that there are some in high places who know full-well that PRIVATE FIRST CLASS Bradley Manning has done one of the best things anyone could have done, in relation to the wars in the Middle-East, shows perhaps that all is not lost, and that even in those hallowed halls of tyranny, there are some minds who can think clearly, and deduce facts from corporate hyperbole?

For 1, the publicity Manning's act, and following case have received, and 2, that so many highly regarded people openly support him, and that the movement ties with so many similar legal and more general social acts of resistance to the corrupted hegemony, of the most recent months, indicates that support for Manning's innocence can only grow.

Even with the fear people have of the increase in tyrannical government, in the US, Britain, Eurape and elsewhere, these types of cases, with the growth of social media enabling people to be heard, cannot not have a bearing on how any court judges this type of case.

However, and I think Brad Manning is well aware of this point too, it ain't over yet!

Because he did what he did, so-as to call out the criminals, the real criminals, those who advocated and twisted and fabricated evidence to “justify” invading Iraq.

So, once Judge Lind clears Manning, someone will have to take up the cudgel, and push for the arrests and prosecution of the original proponents who sent the millions of US and other troops to the carnage in the Middle-East.

Much of the chaos there today, is a result of those deliberately wrong and illegal assessments and decisions, by the GW Bush administration from 2001 through to 2003. And not forgetting the “Vets” still now enduring disgusting problems of physical and mental health and neglect by all their governments.

Nevertheless..., I got carried away typing a comment to the RT website, and it was tooooo long.

So, here's what I thought....., with the extra bits.......,

Yo! Manning is the day's, the decade's True hero!

Assange also!

Curing the US and the right wing elite of this failure of Reason, requires that the hidden US, Swedish and UK administration officials who have deemed these 2 and others be stomped, be forced into the public spotlight.

They of the US and British war offices of 2001 to 2003, of the CIA and MI6 intelligence bureaus, and all others, including Australia's military and ASIS, must be identified, named, and required to publicly explain their case for the prosecution.

Clearly, this witch-hunt against Manning and Assange, cannot succeed.

And every means must be engaged and employed, of bringing out the evidence, the clear, unambiguous facts, of crimes by the military and governments, most so, going back to the erroneous assessments made by the British Blair government and the US Bush government, falsely giving them cause to invade Iraq.

The US admin in that warped era, have relied on the masses, the media, and the courts "moving forward" as they said, simply because to turn back would shatter their hyped, delusional self-confidence (like a Ken Lay, of Enron), and, it would be seen, that their arguments did not and still do not stand up to scrutiny, nor to the known facts as to deliberately BAD "Intelligence" (HA!) they invented to justify the invasion, purely to unsettle the Middle-East, incite further war, thus sales of US and British and Israeli weaponry, plus access oil resources, and, for GW Bush's pride, killing his dad's enemy of the 1st Iraq invasion, Saddam Hussien.

Brad Manning's case should also bring these passed crimes of the US state and it's corporate warlords - Dick Cheney but one - back into the media and into an international war crimes court.

As said, those who began what this Champion Brad Manning exposed, have thus far escaped scrutiny and proper Justice.

As we say at military remembrance ceremonies in Australia, "Lest We Forget".

So, media's role now, and the public's, is to call out the actual individuals responsible for starting the latest round of war in the Mid-East, which Manning now sacrifices his freedom and life to tell the world, of it's previously hidden underbelly, so that no-one forgets who was responsible for the ensuing wars and crimes.

What are we, if our species lets these elite egomaniacs escape justice?

Of a certainty, if we let this injustice pass, we are not Human Beings!



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