My unsubscribe BITCH to "Haaretz" Of Israel

130411 JUST DEFIANCE My unsubscribe BITCH to Haaretz Of Israel Edition.

Sometime in the last year, I let myself subscribe to receiving email ads from Israel's “Haaretz” newspaper.

It, like plenty of Jews, is not a bad rag, and isn't bigoted nor biased for Israel's awry Zionism.

But, having been hit by Zionist's supporters for ooooowh about 140 years, I'm skeptical of even opening their emailed newsletters, for fear of a nasty little virus or such.

So, this morning, there was another of their ads, selling me something I cannot possibly read. So, with a bit of time, I flung them back this little pearler!

O! Damn it! I forgot to mention North Korea's latest JUST DEFIANCE of essentially Zion's global lunacy, of the old lost tribes of Israel's golden calf tribes, aka Britain and Eurape, masters of the Untied States of America (TYPO!?!?$%^??!!), and the unloosed demons of crass commercialism, CRAPitalism, and not-really-free market materialism, for materialism's sake.

Damn it, had I remembered to include the North Korean RESISTANCE, I would have taken another shot at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, for holding the world to ransom with their over-stocks of nuclear weapons, their “Mutually Assured Destruction”, or “M.A.D.” defense policy, clearly still active, and underpinning Israel's illegitimate assertiveness, and their evil propaganda exercises via mainstream western media, to denigrate all Human Justice Warriors, topically naming two, but two, 1, MISTER Julian Assange, and 2, Private FIRST CLASS Bradley Manning, and that while such Honorable Citizens of Earth are maltreated by pro-Zionist regimes, aka the USA., Britain, Australia, and perhaps less than we are led to believe, Sweden, there is every JUST Reason for anti-capitalists worldwide, to take up arms against Israel's market-based, and dark cult mentalities.

STAND DOWN AND DESIST!” Is my call to Israel, and all her allies, in regard to the insane anti-Whistleblower campaigns being waged worldwide, purely to maintain the most deadly corruption the world's ever seen.

So, seeing as I recommended to Haaretz, in the following BITCH, to have a look at my web log, they'll read this BITCH, updated. (From the future, perhaps?? Spookeeee!!!)

But will they take notice?

Perhaps they just have to look to the Korean peninsula, for the answer..., as to whether they should take notice?

To “Haaretz”.....,

Being a leading puppet of Zion, finding too late of this, I reject Israel's existence purely on Intellectual, Wisdom and legal bases.
I recognize Jews are as often, Wise and very intelligent, doing good in the world.
However, while there are so many anomalies beneath Israel's very existence, what with it's arrogance and hubris, what with it's ongoing war-crimes against the Indigenous Palestinians, what with it's deceitful Zionist agenda based around a world king, aka a returned Jesus, aka, a "leading Zionist puppet", and it's immoral influence in finance AND - in the denial, globally, of Proper LAND DISTRIBUTION LAWS, as per Leviticus 25, of your own Tora, no Honest person can support anything to do with your small Levantine nation.
When Haaretz, begins to place unrelenting pressure and PUBLIC PROTEST on all Israeli political players AND it's military, including the secret service Mossad, but most of all, upon your Orthodox Zionist cultists, to correct your nation's attitude to land distribution, for Palestinians, on the lands in and around your illegal West Bank and other "settlements", but to also begin to campaign for corrections to global banking policies and "usury", et cetera, then, perhaps, once affirmed corrected laws are in place, globally, I will consider subscribing to Haaretz.

Thank you, and Shalom!

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

Please feel free to range over my web log pages at www.maxearth.blogspot.com.au but take heed, I am not gentle in my criticism of any who profit from corruption.

So there!

Crazy, really..., seeing as I would have been a far more reasonable Outlaw, if the idiot fanatics of Zion, and their “Antipaths” just let me live in a weather and stalker-proof house. AND, paid me the compensation for 50-fucking-8-fucking years of BOOOOLLLSHSHSH-IT in not being told the truth about what the Lords of Sick had planned for me!

How much? $50 million Australian!


Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

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