Whistleblowers For Obama - My Comments To Politico

130414 JUST DEFIANCE My Comments To Politico Edition

I got a Google news alert for “Whistleblowers”, and it's been lame for weeks, with articles the same repeated over and again.

But today one made it through my hidden censors, from the US I guess political media organ “Politico.com”.

Going to the same issue, of the US admin, and so the chief gets the blame, reacting badly to the sudden rise, brought to a head by WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, and Private FIRST CLASS Bradley Manning, of Whistleblowers.

It is seen by more and more in law, to be a very serious issue, the heavy silencing of Whistleblowers, and lots in media both wish it went away, and at once know it's a deadly threat to their profession, and thus, whether or not to their incomes, to the whole freedom of speech issue, and of our duty and right and freedom to out the evil bastards who get into the halls of corruption, and keep them haulin' corruption.

A? Yer!

This'n's a bit off topic, but burrows beneath the somewhat superficial mediated bitching and counter-bitching on Whistleblowers...., methinks?

Methinks methinks?

Obama administration divides over whistleblowers

My comments..:

Secrets. Why? Evolved market competition, can do no other than to come to this.

It cannot not go other than to reach the point where, we self-consume/implode/combust, in terms of government, and in markets.

This end-point where global corps control "global" governments, thus regulations etc., is as "evil" does, and consumes and destroys itself.

It is clearly well passed the point of no return, and someone, somewhere, sometime, will, for their resultant insanity, from this crazy-world marketplace, evolved, out-of-control, competitive supply development, in a very high place, will push the big red nuclear war button.

We are left only with "theoretical solutions" now, because in reality, all is lost.

So.., "my" theoretical solution, not mine, but recognized by millions (by one "Dante" fellow also, I believe), perhaps some billions of thinking, simple, clear-minded folks, is for a much feared, and rightly so, single world administration, above all IMF, political, banking, private, commercial and elite illusions and delusions of grandeur, above all cultural aspirations and delusions of superiority, above most powerful nation status, et cetera.

But crucial to any post-theoretical solution, is the pure fact that such an entity, albeit so Democratic that it has no "head", no leader, no most powerful nation, no cultural "pontiff" (HA!), not even a United Nations type body, so would hardly qualify as an "entity", but it has to work as coordinated global Communism.

The only way this can possibly come about and continue to exist, is for it to have as it's one agreed upon common to all "god", pure, true and simple most equitable Laws, in terms of equitable distribution of resources - ie., the land.

Everyone is capable of being taught the "Most Honest Laws" of the land and distribution, and if the authorities, public and private, recognized them completely, the whole farce of today's congress, parliaments, duma, knesset, etc-and-on, need not exist to debate how the rich can keep their Rollers and Mazaratis, on the heads of the labourers and cannon fodder soldiers, et al et al.

Government fails after a certain size of population.

So it's best and most durable if everyone recognizes local government, operating on the most honest laws, primarily of taxation and distribution, agreed commonly nation and world wide.

Then, in my theoretical future, politics does not have to belt it out between competing ideologues and essentially fools, dragging the masses in to a race into the ditch, we have passed beyond this stupid world of secrets and super-secrets, share resources as needed - I mean REALLY needed - not for mere lust and psychotic insatiability, we work a few hours a day, and enjoy life.

As I say, very theoretical, and demanding sane minds, en masse, top to bottom.

Once, in peaceful times and lands, with no police, and parking fines, this was the natural order.

Then..., in 1788, on the beaches of Sydney, along came Adam and Eve....!

For the Americas, their emissary was, in 1492..., Columbus.....

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