Stand Strong Copper! Goes My Call To NSW Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox

130417 JUST DEFIANCE Stand Strong Copper! Goes My Call To NSW Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox

A bit repetitive I may be, with these 3 headlines about Peter Fox, But reading the comments on the Crikey page, brought tears to the eyes of a still exiled “whistleblower”.

Seeing I'm supposed to add all the world's woes, and ways to save us, and having followed these church abuse scandals for about ooowh? 30 years, being a victim myself, I'm not the 1st, nevertheless, to look at this day's reports, and add them to the now endless mass of “Whistleblower” articles hitting the world's news headlines, and conclude something like...,

Private FIRST CLASS Bradley Manning, and Julian Assange, clearly not the 1st Whistleblowers, have however, sent an increasingly necessary catalytic spark into the news journalist and legal world.

And.., with them, has come the not unexpected knee-jerk reaction from those filthy bastards in whichever authority or private organization, who make their ego-wealth from corruption.

Hence we find the US President is caught between rocks and hard places trying to uphold civil ethics, with evil and utterly demented (developmentally-retarded) fools threatening him and his fellow moralists, with what? “Nuclear war?” if he bows to Honorable Laws and tries to eliminate corruption from the administration, now probably corrupt to the back teeth for over 400 years, if not for over 4,000 years?

Short of nuclear war, which is more likely to be sparked by these western, capitalist fucking psychos, than by any DEFIANT North Korean Brother Number One Communist, or the regime of Iran, Et Al, and if the species still has even just an inkling of Honor, Ethics, Justice, Courage, Duty, ET CETERA, the natural course of these cases, it seems to me, has to soon enough amount to Unification.

People for centuries, have had to acquiesce to corruption, and unless they were prepared and able to live on the road, on the run, as Outlaws, not at all unlike fabled heroes like Robin Hood, and others, there was no avenue any one or number of us could take to over-power the mentally retarded profiteers from corrupt economic and political affairs.

Indeed, as I wrote yesserday or so, about Australia's dire political reality, in the final analysis, the majority of Australians are in fact, one step removed, from being themselves, “war criminals”.

Simply and irrefutably, for voting for one or other of the 3 main party's politicians who advocated an illegal invasion of Iraq, in 2003.

The adage was grabbed since then, by all western polies, “MOVING FORWARD!” simply because to stay in one issue, of the legitimacy or not of that invasion, guaranteed their being condemned.

But, as said, people have not had any avenue to object, on mass, against this type of “elite evil”, of so misreading the world, and how they, the elite actually MUST act in positions of power, so we haven't had the choice, nor the opportunity to voice, vote, or PROTEST our objections to what the vast majority of us know without any high-brough indoctrination, is how we all have a moral duty to act.

So..., the advances in media, and communications, has us leap out of the immoral dark ages, where the political class held everyone under their brutal boot, into this fast and faster era of exponential growth of the “Whistleblower” phenomenon.

As said, the natural course of these cases, it seems to me, has to soon enough amount to Unification.

And, with the Great Work of the World Environment Movements, Collective, the notion of “Think Global, Act Local” has reached all of us.

So we have Giant Individuals like DCI Peter Fox, and Assange, and Manning, and many many more, being heard by more than ever before, and, Respect for them and for their Courage and Rectitude grows with it.

So it has to come about, that this will inspire the masses, everywhere, to Get Up! And join forces, locally, in their own villages, and across borders, across regions, and islands and continents, legally, without trashcan bombs, or nuclear weapons, simply to challenge the sickest of all, those who hunger for excessive personal or their cults' wealth, against the rest of their own kind, with the largest Collective of Legal Representation seen on earth.

Aiding this, is the growing “Group-Up” of lawyers, who are also, perhaps finding they can do their jobs with Honor, by taking on these types of cases.

Those of them who have til now, bent to corrupt defendants, all the while burying any Integrity, purely because the forces of evil have been far too big to prosecute, now have no better an opportunity to shine, with the talents they have gained, and for the 1st time, act in the courts with every aspect of their expertize fully functioning, as they no doubt, have wished silently and longingly to be able, in their private moments.

I reflect on one night driving cabs in Melbourne, and picking up a distraught executive real estate agent, who'd been embarrassed at a restaurant by his wife, where he was shouting his many employees to a meal/night out.

He was lost, to some extent, as to who was right, in the disagreement that occurred. We went through it as I drove him around town, with his wife tailing us in another cab. A but humorous, were it not for the fella's misery.

But he voiced his disgust at his industry.

Now, me, I, don't hold real estate agents very highly. But that this bloke spoke the truth about real estate, showed that some of them are OK, and even would, if they could, be very moral people.

So it is with those 10,000 we'd think of as a good start – all wearing concrete boots at the bottom of the harbour.


While I've known some who really are rogues, it stands that on average, 50% of them are, or would be righteous, if the world let them.

And, were such an uprising of the Whistleblower kind to keep on keeping on, as this does seem to me to be, then we, the world, could very well see an huge rise in Righteous lawyers taking up the cudgel for anti-corruption causes.

Why! We might even see them in our parliaments?

O? They're already there, in the majority!

Well...., can they turn Whistleblowers???

That..., depends upon how the masses VOTE, in elections?

So.., this might be a plug for Julian Assange?

From what I've gleaned over my recent years, there's not one person who has a secret about corruption, that they would not be happier to speak out about, if they knew governments and police and other authorities were obliged to protect them, and their families, etc.


I have a feeling that there are many many more citizens who would organize themselves around wherever you are, and go, to make sure you're safe.

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