North Korea In Fact The Planet's Counter-Extremism Regime

130405 JUST DEFIANCE North Korea In Fact The Planet's Counter-Extremism Regime Edition

As media reports that North Korea appears to be persisting in “ratcheting-up” threats of starting a nuclear war, if only in a local region, occupied by 1st world nations Japan, and South Korea, but inhabited by hundreds of millions, western mainstream media is also persistent in making huge unfounded, and actually extremely incorrect statements and assumptions supporting them.

The first, and the one never checked, but becoming the bedrock of all other allegations and presumptions about North Korea's regime, military commanders, and the Premier, Kim Jong Un, is that the North Korean political Principles, ie., a generic western, vague allusion, encapsulated in the one demonized word “Communism”, is the extremist political and ideological structure of government.

Because of the megalithic size of the western media and propaganda juggernaut, it is almost useless lambasting them for their blind and extremely ignorant, belligerent and bigoted allegations against any regime or person not completely aligned with western, capitalist, “mememe-first”, selfish beliefs.

That they are able to dominate all debate and media and discussion, thus all military and cultural approaches to how the species should manage our ever-closening lives on the small only planet we have, does not make any of their actually mentally-retarded, or in the least, developmentally-retarded perspectives, legitimate nor correct.

But again, being the “Lords of Sick” they are, all we get in response, are counter allegations, all hyped-up fabrications against any such accurate, scientific and clear-minded assessments.

The simple, evidence-based FACT, is that the western capitalist ideology, founded upon an equally errant and corrupted ideology called "Christianity", is, and are, the "extremists" on the planet.  But, try telling "the zombies of Christ"?   And, try waking them to the fact that the True Fella, Jesus of Nazareth, was a Communist!?  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! ?

So? Why bother trying to write a piece that might, were there any clear heads running the western military and economic worlds, corporations, regimes or monarchies, ineffective as the last are, that might alter the idiotic elite media fueled hubris against the North Korean regime, and thus against it's as likely far more Intelligently thought-out policies about government, about economics and about ensuring the people are not reduced to unjustifiable over-consuming zombies, as the modern western free-market crapitalist psychosis makes us?

I dunno?

Clearly, contrary to the fools running all cults bearing the identity of being “Christian”, it is too late to “save” the softcocks of the white, western world, let alone the species as a whole.

This is primarily because the same white, Judeo-Christian elite running the global show, are so deeply entranced in their self-aggrandizing hexes, that nothing short of annihilation will have them correct their forceful beliefs and arrogant maltreatment of everyone not of their own cults.

Of course, “annihilation” wont “correct” their errant beliefs. It will eradicate them, at least for a few centuries.

Still a better option that to let them continue to fuck the planet and all it's natural life forms.

The negative is of course, that there are still, I optimistically suggest, a majority of our kind who are not so sold on the ridiculous capitalist OR the Christian ideologies, so even while this earth is in fact the galaxy's Hell, they probably do not deserve the same annihilation that the “Lords of Sick” of the 25% blinded westernized materialists do.

On top of these reasons to not bother explaining to the idiots of say, Westminster, or the Bundestag, or the Vatican, or Tel Aviv, et al et al, let alone the hacks of any western media corporation, is the fact that North Korea, like what “evolved” in China, with the great Mao Zse Dong, and in Russia, with the Great Vlad Lenin, Trotsky, and others, is but a product of a 19th and 20th century western try at what is in fact, our species, and, life's, natural economic way.

Communism”! Or, as I wrote the other day, “Brotherly Communism”!

Known for 100s of thousands of years by the True Fella Australian Aborigines, we now see but a minuscule part of the full and complete socio-political system of “Communism”.

North Korea is one of the last bastions of that Truly Communal and Natural System of government, and culture and society.

Sure, from what we're told, by a bigoted agenda-ridden media, North Korea struggles to be pure, it's people denied what should be available to all of us, even just the rudimentary utilities an advanced and creative, organized species should be able to equitably manage.

But, that also, shows how dysfunctional the larger, authoritarian, predominantly western controlling powers are, or have become, for their having divided the species up so much – the whole design and notion of our parochial nations, but one example – to the point where there is so much violence within nations, within neighborhoods, and in so many individual's minds.

But, can the honchos of the western alliances hear, see, or begin to understand that? Let alone to start cleaning out their own flawed thinking processes and conclusions?

Of course not!

Their heads are full of small-scale, myopic, “expert” “specialist” agendas, and over-educated, overly ambitious desires, to stay in favor with their more senior managers and chiefs, etc etc et al and et al!

Like I wrote in a blog post a few weeks ago, when the USA's Private FIRST CLASS Bradley Manning case was in the news again, the prosecutors in his case, but also of the 2003 western alliance invasion of Iraq, etc., are seriously mentally ill, and need desperately to find help. But..., where in the west, can they begin to look for “help”?

They, like most all in senior positions of authority and power in the world's parliaments, have lost the plot of what it is to be a True Human Being.

But, how does a world make this clear to them, in ways which do not have them react badly, and go at pushing the big red button?

We cannot. We're on an unstoppable downward slide, globally.

In typical western, perverse, delusional and totally insane selfish unthinking, the common response is

the world's fucked! So let's just party, and forget about living or seeking to find how to be really at peace in our selves, and genuinely happy to just “be”, without our mind's being controlled by advertizing junkies and desires for endless over-supplies of SHIT!

Even just 1 billion of this very manipulable species sold on that fucking idiotic attitude, and being turned into fanatical cunts with witchcraft, to assert their ignorant ideals onto anyone who comes within their nations' borders, augers the end of the whole lot of us.

Shit...? 'Fuck's sake...! Don't give them a smartphone!!!!!!

So..., fanatical crapitalists in South Korea, fueled by utterly psychotic zombies in the power-houses of the USA, Eurape, Israel, etc, do not, a happy, peaceful, intelligent, wise, secure and content species, make.

Aaaaaand..., because all of them are so stupefied and thus, gutless against being honest about their own errant beliefs and fundamentalism, they cannot now step back, humbly bow to those who do hold hard and fast to the last remnants of self-control and to putting Intelligent Spirituality before insatiable psychotic lunging for MORE MORE MORE material shit of anything that stops their mad minds being STILL, the western powers, including South Korea's elite, will like the utter utter fucking zombies they have become, not react to the North Korean Principled Stance against rampant western, unsustainable, avaricious EAT MORE SHIT ideology, but actually must now go the furthest step their ideology would take, of initiating an east-Asian nuclear holocaust.

Good on yer CRAPitalists!!!

More evidence that the west, and it's puppets in South Korea's elite, they're all private profit-driven corporate-centred, none of them are for the larger communities they assert they administer, let alone the wider region or the species in general, but the way it's being mismanaged by the western and South Korean powers, is more evidence that they are very very sick, and thus, with the power to start any war in their region, they are completely unqualified to have any authority.

But, who do they answer to?

The elite cult fucking psychos of Britain and Eurape? The USA military-industrial-complex? Aliens from Orion?

Like the Wise Buddhists, and others know, these delusional occurrences are all in the minds of the protagonists.

These warped “apparitions” where, in one place, madness has taken over, which appears to be a general trend, a cultural psychopathy, such as the whole of the United States of America, the whole of the British Isles, the whole of Eurape, certainly 98% of Australians, are merely the accumulation of long-errant ideals, beliefs, reduced to being dangerously explosive by an ancient developmentally-retarded group who over time grew to slime their way into the highest echelons of influence and power, so have made bad incorrect, faulted ways of using the mental apparatus, into warped cultural ways of seeing this ephemeral thing we label “life”.

It should not have ended this way.

But, being the isolated little planet that earth is, we were too disconnected from a core of deeper, longer evolved ideals and cultures to have our world end any other way.

It is probably never too late to correct our ways.

But the lure and verve of too much power in unqualified hands, sometimes..., demands..., a violent JOLT..., to correct their bad attitiudes.

That the majority of us are now too far passed correcting our stupid retardations, now as much genetic, and that western media and military and government are all too proud to be humble and admit their western capitalism is fucked, there is no way out.

Unlessssss.....? The Chinese government can intervene and offer some assurances to the Righteous North Koreans that they recognize the reasons behind the North Korean's Principled Resistance to the mad west, and will forthwith give aid to them.

But, more importantly, along with all their close allies around the world, China will begin to restructure the crapitalist market places, and institute the Holy, Scientific Laws of the Land, into national Constitutions.

There is no argument that this is the Best solution, to avoiding a nasty war in the Korean region.

North Korea is Right.

The rest of us are fucking crazy cunts.

WAR it is then!

So. Mote. It. Be......

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

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All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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